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Admissions Policy: The Wren School, Reading, Berkshire

School Information

Admissions Policy

Click here to read our 2018 admissions policy.

Click here to read our 2019 admissions policy.

Thank you to anyone who responded to our recent consultation on the Admissions Policy for 2019.  We are pleased to say that our proposed changes were not challenged and therefore the final version of the policy can be found here.

The Reading Borough Council admissions process can be viewed here.


Admission 2018/2019 Appeal Hearing

Applicants, who have had their application to The Wren School refused, have the right to submit an appeal to The Wren School Academy Trust and/or request to be placed on a waiting list.

Contact should be made in the first instance with Mrs Lynn Smith, by telephoning 0118 959 1868, or by emailing [email protected] for further details.

Please note that applications to appeal must be received by 29th March 2018 when they are part of the normal admissions round for September 2018 for secondary places and within 20 school days from the date of the offer or refusal letter, at all other times.

Normal Admissions Round Appeals will be held on – date to be confirmed.  Appellants will receive 10 school days’ notice of their individual hearing. Results of all appeals will be confirmed to appellants no more than two weeks after the hearing date.

Hearings for Appeals lodged outside of the Normal Admissions Round will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.


Catchment Area

PLEASE NOTE: This list is provided for reference only and we cannot guarantee that it is full, complete, without error or omission.


Abbey Square RG1 3BE
Abbey Street RG1 3BA
Abbots Walk RG1 3HW
Aberford Close RG30 2NX
Admirals Court RG1 6SW
Ainsdale Crescent RG30 3NG
Alan Place RG30 3BW
Albany Road RG30 2UN
Albury Close RG30 1BD
Aldworth Close RG30 3ER
Alfred Street RG1 7AT
Allyene Close RG1 7LZ
Alma Street RG30 1JS
Alpine Street RG1 2PY
Amblecote Road RG30 4BS
Ambrose Place
Amethyst Lane RG30 2EZ
Anstey Road RG1 7JR
Appleby End RG30 2NR
Appleford Road RG30 3NY
Arbour Close RG1 6EW
Argyle Road RG1 7YL
Argyle Street RG1 7YP
Armadale Court RG30 2DF
Artillery Mews RG30 2JN
Ashampstead Road RG30 3LA
Ashdene Gardens RG30 2EP
Ashley Road RG1 6HT
Audley Street RG30 1BP
August End RG30 2JP
Aveley Walk RG2 0AP


Baker Street RG1 7XT
Barn Close RG30 3EE
Barnwood Close RG30 1BY
Baron Court RG30 2BP
Barrington Way RG1 6EG
Bath Road RG30 2BN
Battle Place RG30 1AG
Battle Square RG30 1BF
Battle Street RG1 7NU
Baydon Drive RG1 6JB
Bedford Road RG1 7EU
Beecham Road RG30 2RA
Belle Vue Road RG1 7TX
Belmont Road RG30 2UT
Benyon Court RG1 6HR
Beresford Road RG30 1DE
Berkeley Avenue RG1 6JE, RG16JZ, RG1 6JS
Bexley Court RG30 2DY
Blagrave Street RG1 1AZ
Blakes Cottages RG1 3JA
Body Road RG1 7JP
Boston Avenue RG1 6JU
Boults Walk RG2 0AX
Bourne-Stevens Close RG1 4JB
Bray Road RG30 3JD
Bridge Street RG1 2LU
Bridgewater Close RG30 1JT
Brimpton Road RG30 3HY
Broad Street RG1 2BH
Brock Gardens RG30 2JR
Brocksett Close RG30 2SU
Brook Street West RG1 6BB
Broughton Close RG30 1BZ
Brownlow Road RG1 6NP
Brunel Road RG30 3JH
Brunswick Hill RG1 7YT, RG1 7YU
Brunswick Street RG1 6NY
Bucknell Court RG1 6FB
Burghfield Road RG30 3NH
Burrcroft Road
Bute Street RG30 3BT
Butter Market RG1 2DP
Byefield Road RG30 3JN


Cambridge Street RG1 7PA
Canford Court RG30 2SQ
Cannon Street RG1 7PH
Carey Street RG1 7JS
Carmelite Drive RG30 2SB
Caroline Court RG1 6HW
Caroline Street RG1 7DT
Carsdale Close RG1 6DL
Castle Crescent RG1 6AQ
Catherine Street RG30 1DN
Caversham Road RG1 7BT
Centurion Close RG1 2NJ
Chain Street RG1 2HX
Chandler Close RG30 4DW
Charles Street RG1 7DB
Chatham Place RG1 7AN
Cheapside RG1 7AG
Cheddington Close RG30 4HA
Chelt Close RG30 4HZ
Cheriton Court RG1 6BQ
Chester Street RG30 1LP, RG30 1LL
Chesterman Street RG1 2PR
Church Street RG1 2SB
Church Terrace RG1 6AS
Circuit Lane RG30 3HN, RG30 3HB
Clifton Street RG1 7YE
Cockney Hill RG30 4HF
Coley Avenue RG1 6LG
Coley Hill RG1 6AE
Coley Park Road RG1 6AH
Coley Place RG1 6AD
Colliers Way RG30 2QT
Collis Street RG2 0AE
Connaught Close RG30 2UG
Connaught Road RG30 2UP, RG30 2UE
Conwy Close RG30 4BZ
Coronation Square RG30 3QP
Courage Court RG30 3QT
Cow Lane RG1 8NA
Cowper Way RG30 3EA
Cranbury Road RG30 2XE
Crane Wharf RG1 3AY
Cross Street RG1 1SN
Crossland Road RG1 2HT
Crown Street RG1 2SE
Curzon Street RG30 1DA, RG30 1DB


Dale Road RG1 0AT
Deansgate Road RG1 2RZ
Dee Road RG30 4AS, RG30 4BG
Deepdene Close RG1 7YX
Derby Street RG1 7NX
Dorchester Court RG30 2DS
Dorothy Street RG1 2NL
Dorset Street RG30 1JU
Dover Street RG1 6AX
Downshire Square RG1 6NJ
Duke Street RG1 4SA
Dunsfold Road RG30 4NP
Dwyer Road RG30 3PN


East Street RG1 4FF
Eaton Place RG17LP
Edenham Crescent RG16HU
Edgehill Street RG1 2PU
Edinburgh Road RG30 2UA
Elgar Road RG2 0BX, RG2 0DH
Elizabeth Walk RG2 0AN
Elm Lodge Avenue RG30 2SR
Elm Park RG30 2HT
Elm Park Road RG30 2TL, RG30 2TP
Epping Close RG1 7YD
Epsom Court RG1 6LW
Essex Street RG2 0EH


Faircross Road RG30 3EL
Faringdon Walk RG30 3LD
Fawley Road RG30 3EN
Field Road RG1 6AP
Firs Lane RG30 3DH
Florian Gardens RG30 3QG
Fobney Street RG1 6BY
Fontwell Drive RG30 4QR
Forbury Road RG1 1SB
Foxglove Gardens RG1 7PQ
Francis Street RG1 2QB
Franklin Street RG1 7LN
Friar Street RG1 1DA
Frilsham Road RG30 3LH
Froxfield Avenue RG1 6LR
Fulmead Road RG30 1JX


Gainsborough Road RG30 3DB
Garnet Hill RG1 6AN
Garnet Street RG1 6BA
Garrard Street RG1 1NR
Garston Close RG30 3JR
George Street RG1 7NT
Glenbeigh Terrace RG1 6PB
Glennon Close RG30 3HT
Gloucester Court RG30 2TW
Gloucester Road RG30 2TH
Goldsmid Road RG1 7YB
Gordon Place RG30 1LD
Gower Street RG1 7PE
Granville Road RG30 3PY, RG30 2QA, RG30 3QE
Great Knollys Street RG1 7HP
Greenidge Close RG1 6EQ
Greenwood Road RG30 4JG
Greyfriars Road RG1 1NU
Grovelands Road RG30 2PN
Gun Street RG1 2JR


Harris Arcade RG1 1DN
Harrow Court RG1 6JF
Hart Street RG1 7PG
Hastings Close RG30 3HZ
Hatford Road RG30 3JA
Hawley Mews RG30 3JA
Hay Road RG1 6ER
Haywood Way RG30 4QP
Henry Street RG1 2NW
Heron Way RG1 6DY
High Street RG1 2EA
Highbridge Wharf RG1 3AJ
Highgrove Street RG1 5EJ
Highgrove Terrace RG1 2TG
Hilcot Road RG30 2SX
Hill Street RG1 2NU
Hogarth Avenue RG30 4QW
Hollins Walk RG30 2BU
Holybrook Crescent RG30 3LN
Holybrook Road RG1 6DG
Honey End Lane RG30 4EL
Hosier Street RG1 7JL
Howard Street RG1 7XS
Hungerford Drive RG1 6JA


Ibstock Close RG30 2NU
Iliffe Close RG1 2QE
Inglewood Court RG30 2DT
Inkpen Close RG30 3JS


James Street RG1 7NR
Janson Court RG1 6NA
Jenkins Close RG30 2EQ
Jesse Terrace RG1 7RS
Josephine Court RG30 2DG
Jubilee Square RG1 2GW


Katesgrove Lane RG1 2ND
Kearsley Road RG30 2EA
Kendrick Road RG1 5DU
Kenilworth Avenue RG30 3DL, RG30 3DN
Kennet Side RG1 3DR
Kensington Road RG30 2SZ
Kent Road RG30 2EJ
Kestrel Way RG30 3NU
Kimberley Close RG1 6LA
King Street RG1 2HE
Kings Road RG1 3AA
Kingswood Court RG30 2AU
Kintbury Walk RG30 3HE
Kinver Walk RG2 0AD
Kirton Close RG30 2NS


Lancing Close RG30 2UQ
Laud Close RG1 6RD
Lea Close RG30 3NB
Lesford Road RG1 6DX
Lesley Court RG30 2AT
Letcombe Street RG1 2SB
Liebenrood Road RG30 2DX
Lima Court RG1 6NF
Lingholm Close RG30 4JS
Little Johns Lane RG3 1LG
Little Street RG1 7PB
Littlecote Drive RG1 6JD
Livery Close RG1 4RL
London Road RG1 5BJ
London Street RG1 4PN
Longridge Close RG30 2QF
Lorne Place RG1 7YZ
Lorne Street RG1 7YW
Loverock Road RG30 1DZ
Lower Brook Street RG1 6BU
Lower Field Road RG1 6AR
Lundy Lane RG30 2RR
Lytham Close RG30 3HU


Maitland Road RG1 6NL
Maker Close RG30 3QL
Maldon Close RG30 2DH
Mallard Row RG1 6QA
Malthouse Lane RG1 7JA
Maltings Place RG1 6QG
Mandeville Close RG30 4JT
Marcus Close RG30 4EA
Maria Court RG30 2AS
Market Place RG1 2EG
Market Way
Marlborough Court RG1 6PP
Marshall Close RG1 7LQ
Mason Street RG1 7PD
Mellor Walk RG2 0AQ
Merchants Place RG1 1DT
Milman Road RG2 0AZ
Minster Street RG1 2JB
Monks Way RG30 3DP
Morlands Avenue RG30 4QN
Moulsford Mews RG30 1EU
Mount Pleasant RG1 2TF
Mount Pleasant Grove RG1 2TS
Mount Street RG2 0AB


New Bright Street RG1 6QQ
New Lane Hill RG30 4JE
Newark Street RG1 2SR
Norfolk Road RG30 2EG, RG30 2EE
North Lodge Mews RG1 6EF
North Street RG1 7DA


Ormsby Street RG1 7YR
Oxford Road RG1 7ND


Pantile Close RG30 4HX
Park Crescent RG30 2NL
Park Grove RG30 2NJ
Park House Lane
Parkhurst Drive RG30 2BG
Parkside Road RG30 2DP
Parthia Close RG1 2NQ
Pegs Green Close RG30 2NH
Pell Street RG1 2NZ
Pennyroyal Court RG1 6HE
Penroath Avenue RG30 2EO
Pentland Close RG30 4QS
Petworth Court RG1 6PH
Phoebe Court RG1 2NA
Poplar Avenue RG30 4JH
Portman Road RG30 1EA
Portman Way RG30 1DR
Portway Close RG1 6LB
Preston Road RG2 OBE
Prince of Wales Avenue RG30 2UJ
Prospect Mews RG1 7YJ
Prospect Street RG1 7XR


Queen Victoria Street RG1 1TG
Queens Cottages RG1 4BE
Queens Road RG1 4SY
Queens Walk RG1 7QF


Regent Court
Rembrandt Way RG1 6QT
Restwold Close RG30 3HL
Richmond Road RG30 2SP
River Road RG1 2NF
Rona Court RG30 2RJ
Rose Kiln Lane RG2 0JZ
Rose Walk
Routh Lane RG30 4JZ
Russell Street RG1 7ED
Rutland Road RG30 2EL
Rylstone Road RG30 1LN


Sackville Street RG1 1NT
Sailcloth Close RG1 2BG
Salisbury Road RG30 1BW
Severn Way RG30 4HH, RG30 43HN
Shaftesbury Road RG30 2QR
Shaw Road RG1 6JX
Shepley Drive RG30 3HG, RG30 3HQ
Sherman Place RG1 2PL
Sherman Road RG1 2PL
Sherwood Street RG30 1LE
Shilling Close RG30 4EW
Shireshead Close RG30 2GP
Short Street RG1 2PS
Shrubland Drive RG30 3LS
Sidmouth Street RG1 4QY
Silchester Road RG30 3EJ
Silver Street RG1 2ST
Simmonds Street RG1 6QF
Somerstown Court RG1 7TY
South Street RG1 4QP
Southampton Street RG1 2QL
Southcote Farm Lane RG30 3DR
Southcote Lane RG30 3AQ, RG30 3BH, RG30 3AU, RG30 3BE, RG30 3AD, RG30 3AY
Southcote Parade RG30 3DT
Southcote Road RG30 2AA
Spring Grove RG1 2TT
Spring Terrace RG2 0BD
St Georges Road RG30 2RL
St Georges Terrace RG30 2QL
St Giles Close
St Marys Butts
St Pauls Court RG1 6HF
St Ronans Road RG30 2QE
St Saviours Road RG1 6EJ
Stanley Grove RG1 7NS
Stanley Street RG1 7NY
Stanshawe Road RG1 1PB
Stapleford Road RG30 3ED
Station Approach RG1 1LT
Station Hill RG1 1NF
Station Road
Stoneham Close RG30 4HB
Stratheden Place RG1 7BH
Suffolk Road RG30 2EH
Sulham Walk RG30 3LE
Sundial Close RG30 4HQ
Swallows Croft RG1 6EH
Swan Place RG1 6QD
Sylvan Walk RG30 3HJ


Talbot Court RG1 6QH
Tallis Lane RG30 3EB
Tarlton Court RG30 4HY
Taynton Walk RG2 0BB
Tazewell Court RG1 6TQ
Temple Place RG1 6QJ
Tern Close RG30 4AY
The Brookmill RG1 6DD
The Forbury RG1 3ET
The Meadway RG30 4NX, RG30 4NS, RG30 4AL
The Old Lane RG1 6DB
Thorn Walk RG1 7BD
Thornton Mews RG30 1LW
Thornton Road RG30 1JY
Tilehurst Road RG30 2LT, RG30 2NA, RG1 7TP
Tintern Crescent RG1 6HB
Tippett Rise RG2 0DJ
Tofrek Terrace RG30 2JS
Trafalgar Court RG30 2EN
Trelleck Road RG1 6EN
Trinity Place RG1 7NH
Tudor Road RG1 1PF
Tupsley Road RG1 6EX
Tuxford Mews RG30 2NW
Tyberton Place RG1 6ES


Underwood Road RG30 3NF, RG30 3LR
Union Street RG1 1EU
Upavon Drive RG1 6LP
Upcross Gardens RG1 6PN
Upper Crown Street RG1 2SA
Upton Road RG30 4BJ
Usk Road RG30 4HG


Vachel Road RG1 1NY
Valentia Close RG30 1DQ
Valentia Road RG30 1DL, RG30 1DH
Valerie Court RG1 6HP
Valpy Street RG1 1AR
Verney Mews RG30 2NT
Victory Close RG30 4AW
Vine Crescent RG30 3LT
Virginia Way RG30 3QJ


Waldeck Street RG1 2RE
Walkers Place RG30 2RY
Walmer Close RG30 3HL
Wantage Road RG30 2SN
Water Road RG30 2NN
Waterloo Road RG2 0AG
Waterside Gardens RG1 6QE
Waverley Road RG30 2QA
Waylen Street RG1 7UP
Weldale Street RG1 7BX
Wensley Road RG1 6EF, RG1 6DJ, RG16DP, RG16DR, RG1 6EE
West Green Court RG1 6JZ
West Hill
West Street RG1 1TT
Westbourne Terrace RG30 2EP, RG30 2RP
Westbrook Road RG30 1LB
Westcote Road RG30 2DL
Westerham Walk RG2 0BA
Western Elms Avenue RG30 2AL
Western Road RG1 6PD
Whitley Street RG2 0EG
Wigmore Lane RG30 1HY
William Street RG1 7DE
Willow Street RG1 6JW
Wilson Road RG30 2RS, RG30 2RW, RG30 2RN
Wilton Road RG30 2SS
Windrush Way RG30 2NQ
Wingrove Road RG30 2BX
Winser Drive RG30 2AW
Wiston Terrace RG1 1DG
Wolseley Street RG1 6AY, RG1 6AZ
Wood Green Close RG30 2AW
Worcester Close RG30 3BN
Wye Close RG30 4HS
Wynford Close RG30 3HX


Yew Lane RG1 6DA


Zinzan Street RG1 7UG

Term Dates

Term 5
Tue 10 Apr – Fri 25 May 2018
Summer Break
Mon 28 May – Fri 1 June 2018
Term 6
Mon 4 Jun – Wed 18 July 2018
Inset days -Thu 19 July – Tue 24 Jul 2018