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Family and Visitor Conduct @ TWS

At The Wren School we believe in and value mutually positive, kind and respectful relationships with all families, visitors and the wider Wren community. We believe it is important to work in partnerships with families to support in their child’s learning, growth and development. We work to create and sustain a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for all staff, students, their families and the wider Wren community, and model appropriate behaviours to our students at all times.

All members of The Wren School community have the right to work or be in school without the fear of aggression or abuse from families, visitors and colleagues. This code of conduct aims to help the school to work together with families and visitors by setting clear expectations and guidelines on appropriate behaviours.

We expect all families and visitors to:

Respect the ethos, vision and values of our school.
• Work together with staff in the best interests of our students.
• Treat all members of The Wren School community with respect.
• Set a good example with the language they use, the communication they send and the behaviours they display.
• Seek a peaceful solution to all issues, being mindful of others thoughts and opinions, through open and constructive dialogue.
• Correct their own child’s behaviour, or those in their care, particularly in public, where it could lead to conflict, aggression or unsafe conduct.
• Approach, in the correct manner, the right member of school staff to help resolve any issues of concern, recognising that staff have a wide range of responsibilities and may not be available to meet without an appointment, and may not be able to respond to written communications with an immediate response.

At The Wren School we will not tolerate unacceptable behaviours. The following is not an exhaustive list of the behaviours that we deem unacceptable but provide an illustration of such behaviours.

• Disrupting, or threatening to disrupt, schools operations and events.
• Swearing, or using any language which causes offence.
• Displaying a temper, or shouting at members of staff, pupils or other families.
• Threatening behaviours towards any member of The Wren community.
• Sending or sharing abusive messages to another member of The Wren community.
• Posting defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments about the school, its staff or any member of its community on any public platform or social media.
• Any kind of physical abuse.
• Any aggressive behaviour.
• Damaging or destroying school or an individuals property.

If we, as the school, suspect or become aware that any individual has breached this code of conduct, we will gather information from those involved and speak to the families or visitor about the incident/s.

Depending on the nature of the incident the Principal, or appropriate senior member of staff will consider a response. This may include:

• Sending a warning letter to the individual.
• Inviting the individual in to the school to meet with the Principal or relevant senior member of staff.
• Contact the appropriate authorities, in cases of criminal behaviours or urgent safeguarding concerns.
• Seek further legal, Local Authority or Trust advice regarding further action.
• Impose conditions on further visits to the school site.
• Ban the individual from the school site.

The school will always respond to an incident in a reasonable and proportional way, evidencing their actions.
In all situations outlined in this code of conduct we expect all members of The Wren School staff to behave professionally, attempting to calm, deescalate and defuse situations where possible and seeking support from colleagues as appropriate.

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Term 3

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Half term – Mon 13 Feb – Fri 17 Feb 2023

Term 4

Inset Day Mon 13 March 

Mon 20 Feb  – Fri 31 March

Half term – Mon 3 April 2023 – Fri 14 April 2023