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Review of our work in 2017-18

Thank you for visiting the Governor section of The Wren School website.  Here you will find our pen portraits, our roles, terms of office and declarations of interest.  The governing body was appointed by The Wren School Academy Trust (SAT) on 8th June 2015, before the school opened to 73 Year 7 students on 7th September 2015, growing to 405 students by the end of 2018 (243 this time last year).

Governors are delighted that the swift and growing success of the school has manifested in high popularity with local families, leading to the 168 Year 7 places for 2017 and 2018 being oversubscribed.  This October, we hosted over 1,100 visitors for 2019 admissions, and so anticipate that coming years will be heavily oversubscribed.  In addition to high staff retention, we have continued to recruit a very strong field of teachers and support staff in readiness for 2018, despite the national picture of an ever-worsening teacher recruitment crisis in the South of England.   Joining Excalibur Academies Trust (EAT), coupled with changes to our admissions policy, will continue to encourage future recruitment and retention of both staff and students.

After much delay with the Regional Schools’ Commissioner, we plan to join EAT on 1st February 2019.  Our governing body will change remit and focus, as we cease to become trustees and directors, and become a local academy committee.

Last year’s focus for governors centred mainly on delivering a high quality, fully-resourced school building in July 2018.  Everyone’s persistence and hard work has resulted in a working environment which is very welcoming and attractive.  Ofsted inspected us just before the end of the year, and validated our evaluation that this is a very good school.   They were impressed with our curriculum provision, which governors had directed and funded to be as broad as possible, reflecting our belief in personalised learning.

In addition to another year’s growth in 2018/19, we will be concentrating on the transition to EAT and preparation for our new sixth form in 2020.  We are also opening up our new buildings and site for the benefit of the local community via lettings, and all these details can be found on our website.  We wish your family an enjoyable school year, and look forward to meeting you at one of the many school events.  Finally, we recognise that the successful rate of progress of such a challenging venture could not have happened without the visionary and resolute leadership that Mrs Broadhead demonstrates, and the very steadfast commitment of staff and volunteers. They have our thanks and best wishes for another exciting year to come.

Julia Cottee

Chair of Governors

30th October 2018

What do we do?

The governing body works alongside the headteacher and the senior leaders to support and challenge their work.  We are responsible for the conduct of the school and for promoting high standards.  We aim to ensure that children are attending a successful school that provides them with a good education and supports their well-being.  Governors of academies have three core strategic functions:

  1. Establishing (together with the trust’s members) the strategic direction of the school.
  2. Ensuring accountability throughout the school.
  3. Ensuring financial probity.
Strategic Function of GovernanceChallenges and AchievementsReview of our Effectiveness
Establishing (together with the trust’s members) the strategic direction of the schoolWe have:
• reflected on identified strategic risks and taken steps to mitigate them;
• reported regularly to the members on progress made towards strategic targets;
• secured the prompt and successful completion of the permanent building;
• secured over-subscription for admissions in 2018 and conducted subsequent appeals;
• prepared for letting out our facilities to the community;
• worked closely with EAT to align our processes, ahead of joining them;
• with members, updated the Admissions Policy to improve staff retention and family cohesion;
• reconsidered roles and responsibilities of SLT;
• helped to promote the school as a local school for the local community.
We consider our overall effectiveness in this area to be Outstanding*.

We consider our overall effectiveness in this area to be Outstanding*.

Next year we will:
• ensure succession planning for the transition to a local academy committee, as part of the EAT multi-academy trust;
• continue to plan for the growth of the school, including the sixth form and its admissions arrangements for 2020;
• plan and budget staff structure growth to support the school at full capacity;
• increase lettings opportunities to benefit the community;
• ensure that the school continues to demonstrate the values espoused in its vision and values statement.
Ensuring accountability throughout the schoolWe have:
• continued to develop governor links with school leaders;
• attended training which enables us to develop our skills and ability to challenge effectively;
• recruited more associate members to give the governors direct access to local expertise;
• approved the staffing plan for 2018-19 and supported the headteacher with recruitment;
• sought to ease the pressure on the workload of the headteacher, teachers and support staff;
• made use of external quality assurance and triangulation evidence to moderate the quality of education delivered;
• acted on the data given to us, to support and challenge school leaders;
• provided clear guidelines which promote responsible behaviour from every member of the school community;
• been visible throughout the school community, attending school functions and building lasting relationships with staff;
• completed KPI dashboards;
• supported the school during preparation and inspection from Ofsted and contributed towards the ‘Good’ judgement in leadership section;
• overseen the successful catering contract procurement.
We consider our overall effectiveness in this area to be Outstanding*.

Next year we will:
• continue to recruit more governors to give the governing body a breadth of skills which allows us to operate as effectively as possible;
• approve the staffing plan for 2019-20 and support the headteacher with recruitment, specifically with regard to growing the administration support team;
• continue to attend training which enables us to develop our skills;
• continue to make use of external quality assurance and triangulation evidence to moderate the quality of education delivered;
• ensure that the staffing levels adequately support senior leaders to fulfil their roles, given normal budgetary constraints;
• continue to act on the data given to us, to support and challenge school leaders;
• continue to be visible throughout the school community.
Ensuring financial probityWe have:
• introduced regular internal audits resulting in only minor points;
• implemented detailed financial procedures, which formed the basis for the internal audits;
• delivered another year’s financial surplus to continue building reserves;
• continued to stringently monitor financial performance against budget;
• considered value for money, and performed relevant financial benchmarking;
• strengthened the collaborative relationship with the EAT finance team;
• operated a financial dashboard for governors for regular review of KPIs;
• continued to develop those governors who are less experienced in scrutinising and challenging schools’ finances so that they can contribute towards the impact of the governing body.
We consider our overall effectiveness in this area to be Outstanding*.

Next year we will:
• procure contracts for cleaning, IT support, sports centre management and site maintenance;
• consider the impact of the new building on our financial forecasting;
• ensure smooth and efficient transition of the company to become part of EAT;
• develop potential revenue opportunities


For each of the categories in the above table, the available judgements are: Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement or Inadequate. These judgements are in line with the Ofsted framework (August 2018).


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