Maths at The Wren School, Reading, Berks

Aiming High


Aims and Ethos

Mathematics is important to all modern society as it is fundamental to problem solving and decision making. Mathematics is a subject which transcends all walks of life and provides essential tools for a modern society which range from the beauty of nature to computer programming and designing modern apps.

Our aim is for Mathematics at The Wren School to be engaging, challenging and relevant to modern life and will create lessons which support this.

Curriculum Information

Year 7

This is Me

  • Number systems
  • Properties of Shape
This is Us

  • Data Analysis
  • Algebraic Expressions
Genius of the Past

  • Negative Numbers
  • Sequences and Patterns
Inventions of the Future

  • Angle Geometry
  • Functions and Graphs
Power of Humans

  • Transformations
  • Proportional Reasoning
Power of the Earth

  • Formulae
  • Fractions & Percentages

Year 8

My Values

  • Data Handling, am I average – data handling project, car safety

Wren Skills:

  • Morals, Ethics and Social Justice & Emotional Intelligence
Family Values

  • Number and algebra; grouping values, investigating patterns, sequences

Wren Skills:

  • Critical Curiosity & Teamwork
Clashes of Culture

  • Space Shape and measure including angles and proof, algebra and fractions

Wren Skills:

  • Research & Risk Taking
Celebration of Culture

  • Area and volumes, conversions of units and how mathematics is used in design

Wren Skills:

  • British Values & Reasoning
The Power of Technology

  • Algebra and computing. Technology through the ages


Wren Skills:

  • Resilience & Research
The Power of My Voice

  • Music and Maths , the golden ratio



Wren Skills:

  • Making a Difference & Decision Making


Extra Curricular Activities

The mathematics department runs a weekly enrichment club on a Friday from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm where we work in teams to solve problems from the UK Mathematics Team Challenge.

We are also preparing to visit our local feeder schools where our Year 7 students will teach Year 5 and 6s.

Lesson Resources

Median,Mode, Range

Term Dates

Term 5
Tue 25 Apr – Fri 26 May 2017
Bank holiday – Mon 1st May 2017
Term 6
Mon 5 Jun – Tue 18 July 2017
Inset days – Wed 19 July + Thur 20 July 2017