The Wren School, Reading, Berkshire: Modern Foreign Languages

Aiming High

Modern Foreign Languages

Aims and Ethos

The gaps between countries is becoming smaller as each day passes with technological advancements and business looking to expand across seas. It is no longer the case that you only need to speak other languages when abroad, with all countries being rich in cultural diversity. Our MFL department looks at inspiring young children to develop a keen interest in other languages and a passion to pursue their learning of it. With this year’s current focus on French, we look at expanding next year to incorporate Spanish into our curriculum. Spanish is currently offered as an extra-curricular activity.

Curriculum Information

Year 7

This is Me

  • Students will be creating a passport to languages. We will be focussing on showing the student’s individuality by describing ourselves using key aspects such as our name, age, personality and physical appearance. Students will also learn key questions to be able to ask fellow peers for the listed information above.

This is Us

  • Students will build on their knowledge by looking at others around them such as family and pets, with a key theme on animals. Students will also deepen their knowledge by looking at sentence structure and grammar, focussing on adjectives and how they should agree.

Genius of the Past

  • Students will be learning all about their homes and the vocabulary to do with rooms of a house and the items within them. Linking to the theme, they will also learn the use of the past tense, which they will begin to apply in their speaking and writing.

Inventions of the Future

  • Students will focus on learning about where they live and the vocabulary for places in towns and cities. They will then further their learning by looking into asking and giving directions to specific places. Students will continue their development of the tenses by studying the future tense.

Power of Humans

  • Students will learn about their daily routines and will be able to discuss not only about their routines but also those of a family member. Having learnt the numbers in this is me, students will apply this knowledge to being able to tell the time.

Power of the Earth

  • In this last unit students will use what they have learnt from the previous topics and apply it here to be able to talk about sports, hobbies and other activities creatively. They will also look at their upcoming residential trip and be able to discuss what they might being doing whilst there.

Extra Curricular Activities

The MFL department runs a weekly Spanish club on a Monday from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm where students have been allowed to choose the topics they want to learn about. Current suggestions have been food, animals and holiday vocabulary. We have a long run plan to create our own fiesta.

Term Dates

Term 5
Tue 25 Apr – Fri 26 May 2017
Bank holiday – Mon 1st May 2017
Term 6
Mon 5 Jun – Tue 18 July 2017
Inset days – Wed 19 July + Thur 20 July 2017