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Wren School Development, Reading, Berkshire

Our School

School Development Plan 2017/2018

Outstanding Effectiveness of Leadership and Management
1. To develop the long term strategic direction of The Wren School

Outstanding Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
2. To secure The Wren School’s approach to teaching, learning and assessment

Outstanding Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare
3. To build an ‘aim high’ culture and a sense of pride in being a member of The Wren School community

Outstanding Outcomes for Pupils
4. To ensure that all students are set challenging targets and inspired to aim high

Outstanding Accommodation and Resources
5. To build and resource a safe and welcoming school


Term Dates

Term 6
Mon 4 Jun – Wed 18 July 2018
Inset days – Thu 19 July – Tue 24 Jul 2018
Moving In – Mon 3 September 2018 – Tues 4 September 2018
Inset days – Wed 5 September 2018
Term 1 Part 1
Thur 6 September 2018 – Thu 4 October 2018
Inset days – Fri 5 October