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Recruiting for an After School Controller

We are currently recruiting for an After School Controller.  For further information please go to the vacancies page under the School Information tab.

Kier Construction Newsletter

Click here to read October’s edition of the Kier Construction Newsletter for the Wren School.





Why choose The Wren School?

An email received from a parent who came to one of our Open Evenings …..

”I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you so much for making our visits to The Wren School such an amazing experience.  I was so excited to see everything that you have accomplished over the past few years.  I literally had goose-bumps the whole time.  Your staff were universally approachable, friendly and brimming with enthusiasm.  During the open evening we were shown around by *** from year 9 who was just lovely.  He was relaxed, friendly and clearly wanted to share with us his love for the School. 

When we came on Monday morning we were shown around by *** and *** in year 8 and they were both fantastic ambassadors.  *** explained the thematic learning so beautifully and spoke with knowledge and understanding that I would have found impressive from a student in the sixth form, and in a way that made sense to … and roused his interest.  *** explained to us that she favours art, drama and music over maths (which really appealed to … who is similar), and told us about the extra support she receives in Maths.  By pure coincidence the maths lessons in year 8 were covering the same topics of highest common factor and lowest common multiple, as the children we saw in year 9 at … school!  *** was able to give a lovely explanation of the differences between the two mathematical terms.

I really want to let you know that we have applied to The Wren School as our first choice for …. ”




Cheryl Harper-Duffin


Cheryl was elected to serve as Parent Governor on the 17th October 2017.  Her pen portrait will appear here shortly.



Read some recent parent reviews

These parent reviews are from our recent Year 7 Meet the Tutor Evening …..

“I am very impressed with the school.  I have received lots of support with my child’s behaviour.  Communication is excellent, my emails are always replied promptly.”

“We appreciate the nurturing support offered to our son at this time”.

“So far the school has dealt with issues raised very well and we are happy”.

“In general, my son seems happy and we are also happy”.

“My daughter has made lots of new friends”.

“Outstanding school”.

“Looking forward to the new buildings being completed and available for use”.

“My son is happy and appears to be settling in well.  Communication from the school is good”.

“We are very pleased to find our daughter settling in so nicely at The Wren.  Thank you very much for all the support and help you have given for her transition”.

“Since my daughter has been at The Wren we have seen a vast improvement and we are more than happy”.

“As a relatively new school, I am overall extremely happy and satisfied with The Wren and so is my daughter.  Many thanks to all the staff at The Wren”.

“Our son is very happy at this school and as parents we are too”.

“I am happy with my daughters progress so far and pleased with her class report”.

“I have been thrilled with how our daughter seems to have settled in.  Lot of communication from the school has helped me know what is going on.  She feels very supported, has made lots of friends (which was a worry for me at the beginning).  I am so far very encouraged, so thank you”.

“We are really happy about Wren school and teachers”.

“Very pleased, thank you”.

“My child has had a fantastic start to the new year and am pleased with the transition process.  Definitely a nurturing environment, thank you”.

“Since being at the school she has really done well and really grown up to”.




Election for a Parent Governor announced

We were very pleased to receive two nominations for the role of Parent Governor.  Consequently, we have today announced a formal election which will close on Tuesday 17th October 2017 at 5.30pm.  Please see the letter emailed to parents today and look out for ballot papers in your child’s book bag.

Election for a Parent Governor

We would like to invite parents and carers to apply for the role of Parent Governor at The Wren School.  Nominations close on Tuesday 10th October at 10.00am, please click here for more information.

Open Days for Year 5 and 6 Pupils

The Wren School Staff and Students would like to invite Year 5 and 6 Pupils and their Parents/Carers to visit our school .

You can drop in on Wednesday 20th September 16:00 – 19:00 & Tuesday 26th September 16:00 – 19:00 to meet us and find out  more about our school.

Or you can contact us to make an appointment to visit on the morning of Friday 29th September 9:15 & Monday 2nd October 9:15.

Parking for the open days is at Prospect Park.

We look forward to meeting you!

The Wren School is opening in brand new permanent accommodation in September 2018.

Recruiting for an After School Controller

We are currently recruiting for an After School Controller.  For further information please go to the vacancies page under the School Information tab.

Recruiting for a part-time Receptionist/Resource Administrator

We are currently recruiting for a part-time (20 hrs per week) Receptionist/Resource Administrator.  For further information please go to the vacancies page under the School Information tab.

Term Dates

Term 1
Mon 2 & Tue 3 Sept 2019 – Inset days
Wed 4 Sept – Fri 25 Oct 2019
Autumn break – Mon 28 Oct – Fri 1 Nov 2019
Term 2
Mon 4 Nov – Thu 19 Dec 2019
Fri 8 Nov 2019 – Inset day