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Computer Science

Curriculum Intent

Computer Science is a demand subject in a globally competitive world. Computer systems are embedded ubiquitously in everyday devices, smart phones, washing machines, heating systems and vehicles, as our world embraces “The Internet of Things”. This subject introduces the fundamental concepts of computer systems and programming, which prepares you to solve the problems of tomorrow.

The Computing at schools framework is followed at KS3 and students are taught in sets to meet their individual needs.  All sets are given the opportunity to develop their logical thinking and programming skills in preparation for KS4/GCSE option.

Curriculum Information

Year 7

Tools of the Trade

  • Basic Computer Skills specific to The Wren School File Systems and Cloud Storage

This is me

  • Basic Word Processing Skills
This is Us

  • Presentation Skills
  • Spreadsheet Skills
  • Introduction to the Internet
Genius of the Past

  • Hardware components of Computer Systems
  • History of Computing
Inventions of the Future

  • Fundamentals of networking hardware and the Internet of Things
Power of Humans

  • Introduction to algorithms and planning with pseudo-code and flowcharts
Power of the Earth

  • Programming in Scratch

Year 8

My Values

  • Legal Ethical and Moral Issues applicable to using computers


Family Values

  • Number families. Learn about binary and denary number systems


Clashes of Culture

  • Hardware components for processing System software
Celebration of Culture

  • How the Internet connects us.
    Internet hardware, Protocols
    and addressing


The Power of Technology

  • Algorithms and planning with
    pseudo-code and flowcharts


The Power of My Voice

  • Programming in Python

Year 9

Description of Year 9 curriculum
In Year 9 students start preparing for the GCSE course covering the following modules in more depth.

  • Algorithms
  • Hardware and Software
  • Data Representation
  • Programming
  • Networking
  • IT Skills
GCSE Exam board information
OCR J276 – Computer Science

2 examination papers are taken at the end of Y11 worth 50% each

1 Non examination assessment: Programming Project taken over 20 hours in high control conditions

Grades 1-9 are awarded

Full specification available at

Extra Curricular Activities

A programming club is run once a week after school to support and extend programming skills for
KS3 and KS4 students.

These will not run during COVID-19 restrictions.


Term Dates


Term 5

Mon 17 April 2023 – Fri 26 May 2023

Half term – Mon 29 May 2023 – Fri 2 Jun 2023

Term 6

Mon 5 June 2023 – Fri 21 July 2023