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Humanities at The Wren School

Aiming High


Curriculum Intent

The Humanities department aims to develop a curriculum which supports each student to:

  • become a confident individual who is able to understand their place in the wider world;
  • identify and develop their individual strengths in the various Humanities subject areas;
  • achieve to the best of their ability.

Curriculum Information

Year 7

This is Me

  • Where do I come from?
  • What is our standard of living in the UK?


This is Us

  • What does it mean to be human?
  • Could I survive without animals?
Genius of the Past

  • How have the leaders of the past affected our lives?
Inventions of the Future

  • Will the earth last forever?
  • How are our actions shaping our future?
Power of Humans

  • How do our views of the world affect others?
  • Fair trade
Power of the Earth

  • How have the actions of humans affected the planet?
  • What do religions teach us about our treatment of the earth, and particularly our treatment of animals?

Year 8

My Values

  • Poverty and Fair Trade
  • Inequality in Reading’s History
  • Evil & Suffering
Family Value

  • Comparison study (Japan / UK)
  • The life of Henry VIII
  • Ethics: Right and Wrong

Clashes of Culture

  • Tourism and impact on culture
  • The Spanish Armada
  • Cultural differences in beliefs of life after death
Celebration of Culture

  • Migration:   Multi-Culturalism
  • The British Empire and growth of slaveryReligious Journeys

The Power of Technology

  • Technological solutions to Rivers and flooding
  • The Industrial RevolutionReligious Attitudes towards the maintenance of the Environment

The Power of My Voice

  • How to make a difference: Climate change
  • Protest:   Child Labour, The Luddites and the Swing riots
  • Having a voice as a Jew in Israel
Year 9
GCSE Citizenship: Citizenship studies is a controversial and challenging subject. Students are introduced to issues of our time including matters such as:   assisted dying; forced marriage; UK intervention in the Middle-East; media freedom and immigration. This course is taught over 3 years and and all three papers are written examinations.


GCSE Religious Studies: Our areas of study focus on the key questions such as Ethics, Philosophy,

Peace and Conflict, which include topics such as marriage and the family, crime and

punishment, and matters of life and death. Students study two religions throughout the course.   The course is taught over 3 years and there are 2 written examinations.


GCSE History: History teaches you how and why the world came to be as it is today. History asks ‘how did things get to be this way?’ History deals with big issues e.g. racism, power, war, politics, discrimination and terrorism. We focus on a range of topics from Nazi Germany and the Cold War to Crime and Punishment through time. There is also a chance to do a local area study of Whitechapel and Jack the Ripper. The course is taught over 3 years and all 3 papers are written examinations.


GCSE Geography:   Geography is a wide ranging and challenging course, comprising of both physical and human geographical studies. The course studies covers topics including Weather Hazards and Climate Change, Ecosystems, Changing Cities, Global Development, Resource Mangement and the Changing Landscapes of the UK. There are two pieces of fieldwork; Coasts and Urban Environments. Examination comprises of 3 written exams at the end of the course.

GCSE Exam board information
GCSE Citizenship: OCR J270 (Paper 01 / Paper 02 /Paper 03)

GCSE Religious Studies: Edexcel B ‘Belief in Action’     (Paper 01 / Paper 02)

GCSE History: Edexcel (Paper 01 / Paper 02 / Paper03)

GCSE Geography: Edexcel Specification A (Paper 01 / Paper 02 / Paper 03)



Extra Curricular Activities

The Humanities run a club every half term, information will be published in advance.

Debating club, with Mr Le Coq, is an ongoing club on a Monday.

These will not run during COVID-19 restrictions.



Term Dates


Term 3

Inset day – Tue 4 Jan 2022

Wed 5 Jan – Fri 18 Feb

Half term – Mon 21 Feb – Fri 25 Feb

Term 4

Mon 28 Feb – Fri 8 Apr

Easter holidays – Mon 11 Apr – Fri 22 Apr