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PE and Games at The Wren School, Reading, Berkshire

Aiming High

PE & Games

Aims and Ethos

The PE Team:                                                      

Subject Leader of PE: Mrs Bessie O’Brien ([email protected])

Assistant Head Teacher & Teacher of PE: Mr David Zell

Key Stage 4 Leader & Teacher of PE: Mr Olly Harrison

Year 9 Leader & Teacher of PE: Mrs Claire Rider (currently on Maternity leave)

Teacher of PE & Maths: Mr Kish Khetia


Aims and Ethos of the Department:

“Each child should find an enjoyable pathway which embeds a healthy, active lifestyle whilst using sport to develop the skills of leadership, communication & increased self-esteem”.

A broad, balanced, engaging and relevant curriculum helps to make PE a core and vital part of The Wren School; the balance of both theoretical and practical content allows the department to prepare students best for future PE examinations and, more importantly, to understand their mind and body to maintain good health and fitness. Students will be taught the skills to make progress in a range of sports and in doing this, will develop vital qualities, such as the Wren skills, to help them overcome any barriers that present throughout the curriculum. PE is an area of the curriculum where students learn invaluable skills for every walk of life, such as: teamwork; communication; resilience; leadership; perseverance and many more. The department truly believes that PE is a vehicle for future success and will endeavour to help students enjoy the journey.

A week in PE is made up of 3 components:

  • 1 x double lesson of PE divided into 2 activities within the lesson;
  • 1 x single PE theory lesson (between September & Easter at KS3)

The recipe for success in PE:

  • Students should always aim to try 100% and therefore, every member of the department will be happy with their effort and participation.
  • Students, parents & carers need to ensure that all PE kit is bought to all lessons with no exception (e.g. torrential weather).
  • Parents & carers, please see the uniform section of the website for details of acceptable PE kit and take a collective responsibility to ensure that students have their PE kit for all lessons
  • Parents & carers, please assist your son/daughter in participating in PE consistently. If your son/daughter has a valid reason that they cannot participate in a lesson, please provide them with a signed and dated note explaining the reason for their excuse. Alternatively, please phone the school office prior to the lesson. Without this, the department will always assume that your son/daughter can try their best.
  • Students who cannot physically participated are expected to get changed into their PE kit and assist as a coach or umpire to ensure that learning is taking place.
  • Please be aware of changes to footwear required for the all-weather pitch surface from January 2019 – these are listed on the website.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Information:


Year 7Year 8
Practical Elements
FUNdamentals; Rugby; Football; Handball; Netball; Fitness; Dance; Gymnastics; Table Tennis; Athletics; Badminton; Basketball; Social & Physical.Rugby; Football; Handball; Netball; Fitness; Gymnastics; Table Tennis; Cricket; Athletics; Badminton; Basketball; Social, Mental & Physical.
Theoretical Elements
My Body & Training; Components of Fitness; Effects of Exercise; Safety in Sport.Benefits of Exercise; Drugs in Sport; Principles of Training & Diet and Nutrition.


Key Stage 3-4 Curriculum Information:

Year 9
Practical Elements: Rugby; Football; Handball; Badminton; Basketball; Netball; Fitness; Gymnastics; Table Tennis & Volleyball.Theoretical Elements: Functions of the Body Systems; The Body’s Response to Physical Activity; Risk Assessment and Injuries & Goal Setting & SMART Targets.
Key Stage 4 Curriculum Information:

Qualification Format through the Edexcel Exam Board for GCSE PE Route:


·         Component 1: Fitness and Body Systems, which is a 1 hour & 45 minute exam paper worth 36%.


·         Component 2: Health and Performance, which is a 1 hour & 15 minute paper worth 24%.


·         Component 3: Practical Performance where students must demonstrate a good level of performance in 3 physical activities of which one must be a team game; one must be an individual activity & one other, worth 30%.


·         Component 4: Personal Exercise Programme (PEP), which is a coursework element worth 10%.

Qualification Format through the OCR Cambridge National Qualification Route:

·         Compulsory Unit: Reducing the Risk of Injuries (25%): 1 hour written exam, with option for one resit.

·         Compulsory Unit: Applying the Principles of training (25%): Coursework submission;


·         Optional Units: of which 2 must be selected:

o    Sports Nutrition (25%): Coursework submission;

o    The Body’s Response to Physical Activity (25%): Coursework submission;

o    Sports Psychology (25%): Coursework submission;

o    Technology in Sport (25%): Coursework submission.



Extra – Curricular Activities:

The PE department runs extra-curricular clubs each week at both lunchtime and after school. The clubs take place between 3.40 – 4.30pm and throughout the year. The clubs will focus upon a variety of sports, which will change between terms. Although the clubs on offer may vary, the clubs will always be held on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays after school and every day of the week at lunchtime. Extra-curricular PE is an area that we hope will grow each year and with the school.

Enrichment clubs at The Wren School are welcome to all; regardless of sporting ability; students may attend for enjoyment, ability or improvement purposes.

Students should keep their eye on posters in form rooms, outside the PE office in the sports hall or ask their PE teacher for the latest clubs on offer. These clubs range from table tennis to football.

The Wren School will continue to develop links with other schools with the intention of participating in a range of different sporting competitions.

We also run a gifted and talented club in PE at 9am, which selected students are invited to.

Term Dates

Term 4
Mon 25 February – Fri 5 April 2019
Easter break – Mon 8 April – Mon 22 April 2019
Term 5
Tue 23 April – Fri 24 May 2019
Bank holiday – Mon 6 May 2019
Summer break – Mon 27 May – Fri 31 May 2019