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Sport, Health & Physical Education

Curriculum Intent

A broad, balanced, engaging and relevant curriculum helps to make PE a core and vital part of The Wren School; the balance of practical, theoretical and analytical aspects of sports at KS3 allow the department to better prepare students for a future pathway into KS4 examined PE and, more importantly, to understand how to develop and maintain positive physical, mental and social health. Students will be taught the skills to make progress in a range of sports and in doing this, will develop a toolkit to help them overcome any barriers that they may come across. The Wren School believes that PE is an area of the curriculum where students learn invaluable skills for every walk of life, such as: teamwork; communication; resilience; leadership; perseverance and many more. The department truly believes that PE is a vehicle for future success and will endeavour to help students enjoy the journey.

A typical student timetable includes:

KS3:                                        Four lessons a fortnight – one double lesson per week

KS4 Examined PE:                 Five lessons a fortnight – a combination of theory and practical elements

KS4 CORE PE:                       Four lessons a fortnight – most often two single lessons per week

KS5 Examined PE:                 Five lessons a fortnight – all theory content, students must participate in sport outside of school to meet practical elements of the course

KS5 Enrichment:                     Two lessons a fortnight – one a week, optional



KS3:                                        30 minutes once a fortnight – tasks include understanding rules and tactics whilst learning how to analysis strengths and weaknesses in performance.

KS4 Examined PE:                 60 minutes a fortnight – course related content

KS4 CORE PE:                       Not set

KS5 Examined PE:                 Teacher discretion

KS5 Enrichment:                     Not set



The recipe for success in PE:

  • Students should always aim to try 100% and therefore, every member of the department will be happy with their effort and participation.
  • Students and families need to ensure that all PE kit is bought to all lessons with no exception (e.g. torrential weather).
  • Families, please see the uniform section of the website for details of acceptable PE kit and take a collective responsibility to ensure that students have their PE kit for all lessons
  • Families, please assist your child in participating in PE consistently. If your child has a valid reason that they cannot participate in a lesson, please provide them with a signed and dated note explaining the reason for their excuse. Alternatively, please phone the school office prior to the lesson. Without this, the department will always assume that your child can try their best.
  • Students who cannot physically participated are expected to get changed into their PE kit and assist as a coach or umpire to ensure that learning is taking place.
  • Please be aware of changes to footwear required for the all-weather pitch surface from January 2019 – these are listed on the website.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum Information:

Students cover a range of sports at KS3, which are developed upon each year to allow for

long term learning and progression, this includes:

Rugby Basketball Badminton Athletics
Football Handball Table Tennis Rounders
Netball Fitness Leadership Softball



Key Stage 4 Curriculum Information:

Qualification Format through the Edexcel Exam Board for GCSE PE:


Component 1: Fitness and Body Systems, which is a 1 hour & 45 minute exam paper worth 36%.

Component 2: Health and Performance, which is a 1 hour & 15 minute paper worth 24%.

Component 3: Practical Performance where students must demonstrate a good level of performance in 3 physical activities of which one must be a team game; one must be an individual activity & one other, worth 30%.

Component 4: Personal Exercise Programme (PEP), which is a coursework element worth 10%.



Key Stage 5 Curriculum Information:

Qualification Format through the OCR Exam Board for A level PE:


Component 1: Physiological factors affecting performance, which is a 2 hour

exam, worth 90 marks, weighting at 30% of the overall grade

Component 2: Psychological factors affecting performance, which is a 1 hour

exam, worth 60 marks, weighting at 20% of the overall grade

Component 3: Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport, which is a 1 hour

exam, worth 60 marks, weighting at 20% of the overall grade

Component 4: Practical performance, which is sustained performance over a season in one practical activity, to be completed out of school hours, worth 30 marks,

weighting 15% of the overall grade

Component 5: Evaluating and Analysing Performance for Improvement (EAPI), which

is a spoken assessment analysing video evidence of an unknown performer in the

students main sport, worth 30 marks, weighting 15% of the overall grade


Extra – Curricular Activities:

The PE department runs extra-curricular clubs each week after school, 3pm-4pm.  The clubs will focus upon a variety of sports, which will change between terms.  Enrichment clubs at The Wren School are welcome to all; regardless of sporting ability; students may attend for enjoyment, ability or improvement purposes.

Clubs will be advertised in the Student Bulletin and the PE department.

Students enter a variety of leagues throughout the year and have the opportunity to play against local leagues in sports, such as Netball, Football, Basketball and Athletics.


Term Dates


Term 5

Mon 17 April 2023 – Fri 26 May 2023

Half term – Mon 29 May 2023 – Fri 2 Jun 2023

Term 6

Mon 5 June 2023 – Fri 21 July 2023