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Wren School Development, Reading, Berkshire

Our School

School Development Plan 2019/20

  • Year 11 progress
  • Increase attendance
  • Improve behaviour

Highest levels of achievement  


1.High quality staff and student performance leads to excellent progress

  • 1.1 Positive P8 score (0.2 or better) in summer 2020
  • 1.2 Highest quality learning and teaching
  • 1.3 Y12 student numbers (120 or better)
  • 1.4 All staff successfully progress

Highest levels of wellbeing and involvement


2. A safe and inclusive environment where students and staff succeed

  • 2.1 Consistently high expectations
  • 2.2 Increase attendance (96%)
  • 2.3 Reduce FTE (days & FTE by 1/3)
  • 2.4 Surveys demonstrate positive staff and student well-being and involvement

Highly effective preparation for the future  


3. A challenging curriculum that prepares individuals to be leaders of tomorrow

  • 3.1 Increased attendance at CPL/extra-curricular sessions and events
  • 3.2 Curriculum audit shows effective collaborative planning
  • 3.3 Students are confident in the next stage of their learning (0% NEET and >5% changing KS4 courses)

Highly effective family and community engagement


4. Active and respectful citizens take responsibility to inspire others

  • 4.1 Positive response on Parent View
  • 4.2 Excellent communication with parents and local community
  • 4.3 Strong culture of celebration (staff and students) 


Term Dates

2020-21 – Start of term 1

Tuesday 1st September:
Staff Inset – no school for students
Wednesday 2nd September:
Staff Inset – no school for students
Thursday 3rd September:
School for Year 7, 10 and 12
Friday 4th September:
School for all year groups (Year 7-12)