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School closure Wednesday 30th March for Year 9 and 10 only

In common with schools both locally and nationally we have had recent significant staff absences due to COVID related issues, and these have been growing.

Tomorrow we are due to have 25% of our staff absent from school. With this large staff absence, which we perceive may not improve over the coming days, we are unable to meet our commitment to you that every student receives an excellent education and is supported and nurtured in a safe school.

We had hoped to not find ourselves in this position again but unfortunately I have made the difficult decision to close the school to Year 9 and 10 for tomorrow, Wednesday 30th March 2022.

When not in school, students will be provided with home learning which will be set on Teams no later than the start of lesson times. The remaining year groups must attend school if they remain well.

We intend to review the staffing situation tomorrow, and will keep all families informed of our plans. We will ensure all students can return to school as soon as we are confident we have enough staff available.

Sadly we are not alone in this situation, and we recognise this is a significant decision that will impact you and your family. I apologise for any difficulties that this decision brings.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Kind regards,

John Salberg

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