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Socktober at The Wren

The Wren School participated in “Socktober”, an international charity event organised by youtuber Robby Novak, also known as Kid President.  Originally organised to raise socks for homeless charities across the United States, students at The Wren participated by donating socks and other items to Launchpad, Reading’s Homeless Support Charity.  73 pairs of socks were donated and we hope to double that next year!

 Pictured with Jason McMahon from Launchpad are students from Miss Berry’s form- the form who donated the most socks!



Term Dates

2020-21 – Start of term 1

Tuesday 1st September:
Staff Inset – no school for students
Wednesday 2nd September:
Staff Inset – no school for students
Thursday 3rd September:
School for Year 7, 10 and 12
Friday 4th September:
School for all year groups (Year 7-12)