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At The Wren School we strive to ensure students are active citizens in our wider community. Students will be given opportunities to develop their own knowledge and skills around the wider context of being ‘work ready’, allowing students to access their desired career paths.

Our ‘futures’ provision is based on the Gatsby Benchmarks as recommended in the DfE’s Careers Strategy. We use this as a basis to guide our provision and ensure that all students, regardless of background or circumstances, are able to gain the knowledge they need for the own future.

We always encourage out students to pursue advice from staff when looking at CV writing, applying for jobs or advice on the next stage of their education. We will be using and developing our use of Unifrog to do this. This provision allows students to take several different tests to identify their strengths and therefore suitable career paths.

Year 11 students will have support from ADVIZA when looking at their Post 16 studies. We do encourage students to stay and attend our Sixth Form provision, but also support those that look for more specialist routes towards employment.

Year 12 and 13 students will be guided for Post 18 education and training. Those interested in University are allowed to attend Open Days as well as directed presentations about the UCAS process.

The ‘Futures’ provision is routinely evaluated and updated using; student, parent and teacher feedback.

For the 2022/23 academic year, the planned programme is as follows (Gatsby Indicators):

  Planned activities and sessions
Key Stage 3 Introduction to Unifrog (3, 8)

Completion of personality quiz (3, 8)

Complete interests quiz (3,8)

World of Work focus (4, 5)

Subject specific lesson starters focusing on careers in that field (4)

Off timetable events to meet with different employers (5)

Year 9 Completion of personality and interest quizzes on Unifrog (3, 8)

Key Stage 4 Options Evening (3, 4, 8)

World of Work focus (4, 5)

Off timetable events to meet with different employers (5)

Year 10 Work Experience for all students (6)
Year 11 Sixth Form Open Evening (3, 4, 7, 8)

ADVIZA appointments (3, 8)

Interviews for Sixth Form (7, 8)

Post 16 transition programme for Sixth Form and outside providers (7)

Year 12 Mock CV writing with CV workshops (5, 7, 8)

Mock interviews with VISA (5, 7, 8)

Introduction to the UCAS process – students (7)

Introduction to apprenticeships (7)

Work experience week post exams (6)

Year 13 UCAS tutor workshops (7, 8)

Personal statement writing workshop (8)

Completion of Oxford/Cambridge entrance examinations-  and those wishing to do medical courses (7, 8)

Support for University interviews (8)


The careers team is made up of:

Mr A Hollands, Director of Sixth Form and Futures – [email protected] 

Mrs A Ainscough, Futures Lead – [email protected]

Mrs L King, Careers Advisor – [email protected]