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The Wren School Reading Berkshire: School Uniform

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From September 2023, our uniform policy and expectations are changing for all students, including our Sixth Form, and it will be vital that all families read, understand and follow our uniform expectations.
Students and families have told us we need a bold and ambitious approach to uniform that represents us as a community and we believe our new uniform will offer our students a level of uniform flexibility and uniqueness not seen by any other Reading school.

We set out on this journey with three clear principles for our new uniform;
1. Our community must be proud of our uniform.
2. Our uniform must not discriminate.
3. Cost cannot be a barrier.

In creating our new Wren logo and uniform, we have worked closely with a committed and hard-working student voice panel, experienced brand designers, education uniform specialists and staff, both new and those who have been at the Wren since its creation.

As a school, we believe in individuality and our new policy will ensure all students are recognised as individuals whilst being proud to be a member of our community. Students will have an element of flexibility in the items of uniform they wear, being able to select a range of branded items from our uniform menu. This includes the opportunity for students to choose to wear a school blazer. This was a clear desire from our student voice team. Other branded items which families may select include cardigans, jumpers and a new school tie.

We will be sharing our full details of our new uniform with pictures, costs and explanations, along with our new brand in our Spring newsletter on Friday 31st March, so please do make sure you get your copy and have a look. This will include information on our new Sixth Form dress code.


Due to the uniform changes in September 2023, should you require replacement uniform for this academic year, please do contact us in the first instance by emailing [email protected] with your requirements.


Please click here for The Wren School Uniform Policy for September 2022-2023.

Term Dates


Term 5

Mon 17 April 2023 – Fri 26 May 2023

Half term – Mon 29 May 2023 – Fri 2 Jun 2023

Term 6

Mon 5 June 2023 – Fri 21 July 2023